Herbal Treasures

Winter is the season of hibernation. We all need food items that give us energy and warmth, strengthen our body, especially our back, legs and bones.

Feeding mothers require special diets which should contain essential nutrients and healthy fats, that help them recover from child birth after effects. They should eat items that provide warmth to & cleanse the body. These foods also provide strength, especially to the lower back, and provide adequate nourishment for the feeding mother when eaten along with other food items on a daily basis. Back home Рin South Asia Рour grand mothers say, this is a must for feeding mothers.

We specialize in making the following items that are great both as Winter Foods and Post Pregnancy Foods. These foods contain Ayurvedic herbs and dry fruits including cashews, almonds, four melon seeds, lotus seeds etc..

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1. Sukhdi

2. Malida

3. Batrisu

4. Methi Pak

5. Gundar Pak

6. Harira Powder



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